Haley Miner

School Name : Indiana University South Bend

Haley is an entrepreneurship/small business major graduating in May 2020 from IUSB. Ever since she was two years old, she has loved to draw. Growing up in South Bend, her favorite things to do as a child were to play dress up and color, which is where her love for fashion and art came from. She almost went to art school when she graduated in 2015, but saw how much her sister enjoyed IUSB’s business school and wanted to give it a try. About six years ago she helped her mom start and run a cleaning company which gave her hands-on experience and a love for innovation and entrepreneurship. With a few small businesses she already runs, she hopes to one day open a fashion related maker space that focuses on the amount of waste produced by the clothing industry. As a business person and an artist, you have to know how to pivot or take criticism and adapt to change, so she is always looking for new opportunities that can challenge her and create change.