Keenan Boyce

School Name : South Bend Career Academy

Keenen is a hard-working individual. His values are Balance, curiosity, happiness, knowledge and growth. Keenen was born and raised in South Bend Indiana. He attends South Bend Career Academy where he was introduced to many different opportunities much like this one. Keenen is really looking forward to gaining experience, while also getting a real world perspective into a variety of different businesses. He has always been eager and willing to learn new things. After high school the place he plans to go to gain a higher education is between Indiana Bloomington South Bend, Bethel, and Notre Dame. Although he’s not completely sure what he’d like to do as a career, he would most likely start off with studying business and go from there. His goal for college is to find something that he would love to do everyday of his life in a career field that matches up with his personal values. In his free time he’s a pretty relaxed person. His hobbies would include playing basketball, listening to music, practicing MMA(mixed martial arts), and coding. At the end of the day however, all that really matters to him is that he tries his best in anything he does.