Michael Anthony

As the only junior in the CEO class, Michael has had the chance to become more aware of the opportunities in his community before he goes to college. Now, Michael is trying to establish as many connections throughout South Bend and the entire St. Joseph County, especially since he has the opportunity to utilize these connections for another year before he goes to college.

These connections are just one of many things Michael is looking to gain out of CEO. In class, Michael is striving every single day to improve his values, especially his passion and integrity. Beyond this, Michael is gaining skills in class, especially those of responsibility and self-accountability, which are going to help him not only in his senior year of high school, but for the rest of his life.

Michael has always felt a desire to help those in need. This is evident through Michael doing charity work at the Center for the Homeless and at Hope Rescue Mission. This work has allowed Michael to gain an even more significant desire to succeed in life, so he can in turn help people who struggle.

Ultimately, Michael is incredibly honored to have the privilege of being in St. Joe CEO, especially as only a junior. Michael is going to work incredibly hard and develop himself into a better person this year.