Michael Burnett

School Name : Penn High School

Michael Burnett is a Senior attending Penn High school, where he is involved in hockey. His core values are family, friendship, and determination. His family gives him the support he needs to overcome any obstacles that may stand in his way. His friends are one of his biggest influencers, he knows that they will have his back no matter the circumstance. Michael has found that determination is a very important part to his life, if he is not determined or motivated in the things he is doing they will not get done as well as he might like. He has been able to stay more motivated from listening to many great speakers and the stories they share about their lives and their businesses. Since the beginning of his freshman year he has started his own mowing company and during the summer he has spent some of his time mowing for his fellow neighbors. Having a mowing business has really taught Michael the importance of customer satisfaction and communication skills. During the summer when he is not mowing or attending hockey camps he is hanging out with friends and spending time slalom skiing on Pickerel Lake with his family. Michael is looking forward to seeing what CEO will help him accomplish when starting a business of his own and is very excited to see what opportunities and challenges await him.