Raina Adams

School Name : Bethel University

Rain C Adams is the creator and founder of Live Beyond Inspired. At Live Beyond Inspired, Rain teaches that healing begins from within. It is there, she focuses on creating an “internal safe space” where she gently guides you through confronting your thinking errors and BS (Belief System) so that you can live a life beyond inspiration. Rain was first introduced to us on the NBC hit Daytime Reality Television Show for Women STARTING OVER (2002) where she shared her own inspiring story. Her journey and growth connected so well with the viewing audience; she was asked to return as a “house mother” to a new cast of women. It was at that moment that Rain made the decision to dedicate her life to helping and inspiring women. Rain’s caring, nurturing, and adventurous spirit mixed with the Living Beyond Inspired Philosophy can help others live a life of inspiration. Rain is fearless when it comes to helping women find their purpose; create their voice, vision and mission in life. Believing in the power of possibility and how it can impact your business and career, Rain will motivate and inspire transformation.