Rylee Horn

School Name : Holy Cross

Rylee is currently a junior at Holy Cross College where she is double majoring in Business and Communications and double minoring in Marketing and Visual Arts. She enjoys keeping herself busy and thrives when it comes to multitasking. She is a college athlete as well as the student body Vice President. She also works as an intern with her athletic department to help create a whole new brand for Holy Cross College Athletics. Overall, she is a hardworking individual that strives to give her all in everything she does. Rylee’s passion is in her graphic design work. This new found talent of hers gives her the opportunity to showcase her creativity for everyone to see and enjoy. She has managed to turn this hobby into a reality when she began her small business, Rylee Morgan Design. Combining her love and talents for design with her business and communication skills will allow for her small business to grow and her connections to continue to increase.