Applied Entrepreneurship Program might be a great fit if…

  1. you want to roll up your sleeves and work on yourself as much as a business idea.
  2. you often feel a bit out of your element in classrooms.
  3. you are seeking to take action, learn something new, and build on your experiences.
  4. you are incredibly curious.
  5. you advocate for yourself instead of waiting for opportunity to knock.
  6. you like to make stuff or you like to make stuff happen.

Applied Entrepreneurship Program connects…

  1. you to industry leaders across the region.
  2. you to opportunities both during the year and long after graduation.
  3. you to new ways of thinking.
  4. You to fellow students from across St. Joseph County.

Applied Entrepreneurship Program is NOT…

  1. a traditional business course with a text book.
  2. planned for you - you are a part of the plan.
  3. a typical class. It takes passion and perseverance.

Applications for our 2023-2024 program are now open. 

Please email Shari at for any questions.


When completing the application, a few pointers:

  1. Help us believe. Get to the point. We don’t care how great your writing abilities are. We care about getting a clear understanding of who you are.
  2. Don’t put what you think we want to hear. Write the truth. Write from your heart.
  3. Help us get to know you. We are optimistic about who you are, given that you’re applying but we want to know what you know about yourself.
  4. Before submitting your application, print it out and take a red pen and cross out every word you don’t need, in what’s left be as specific and as matter-of-fact as you can.