Boris Toure

Boris is a very driven and motivated person. Coming from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), he landed in South bend in May 2014. By coming to the U.S, my first plan was to study accounting. Then, impacted by a speech by Mr. Perry Watson, and learning about the idea of Entrepreneurship, I have been driven by the desire to impact people life. Growing up in a business family, where my dad was a CEO of an important private security company in the Ivory Coast. From this growing experience, I had the envy to create and work in an organization. I am a big picture person, who always see the result and persist toward making my dreams to happen. I have been very blessed to participate in the McCloskey business plan competition where I pitched my business idea at the startup showcase. There I met several people who encouraged me to continue, especially Mr. John Henry, and Gavin Ferlic who referred me to Bethany Hartley and I joined the AEP program this September. From four years ago since I had my business idea until now that I have seen some progress and persistent. I am not far away from my goal, and I will grab it!!!