Emmanuel Aguilar

Emmanuel Aguilar is the dolphin of humans. He is Intelligent, Compassionate, outgoing, smiley, straight up awesome, funny at times, but most importantly always swimming forward no matter how big the waves are. Emmanuel tends to make nontraditional decisions while taking advantage of every opportunity available to him. School has always been a priority for Emmanuel, but that has never stopped him from trying out new things. Whether it is earning IT certifications, winning competitions, getting hurt trying out new sports, being part of school/community projects, or taking leadership roles at work, Emmanuel has always been a hard worker and prioritized creativity, resilience, and sympathy as keys to personal achievements.

Moving to a more traditional, and focused perspective. After graduating from Ivy Tech with his Associate Degree in one year, and full of experiences through programs, classes, and a leadership position in Student Government; Emmanuel hopes to achieve similar success at IUSB by taking a leadership role as Vice-President of the Transfer Student Club, and hopefully become a Senator for Student Government. Lastly, Emmanuel has also taken the great decision to join the Applied Entrepreneurship Program in which he hopes to learn and meet interesting people while being in constant conflict with sleep deprivation.