Keenen Boyce

Born and raised in South Bend, IN, this would be the city that Keenen calls home. Keenen has always had a heart for people, however, his passion intensified after the stroke of his grandmother. Through this, he learned he is most happy when can be of service to others. Creating a positive impact in his community and in the lives of people is one of his highest values. There are five core values that Keenen lives by in total. Have integrity, be intentional, make a difference, always persevere, and never stop serving others. Those are the foundational pillars that keep him going every day.

Keenen also has the heart of an entrepreneur. However, he also loves the idea of being an intrapreneur and helping to take organizations and businesses to the next level. With a strong skill set in both business and communication, he uses those tools to create impact. One of his favorite ways to do that his through public speaking. This has been a passion of his ever since he can remember. There have been many opportunities for him to speak and share his message. Being able to impact the lives of so many people at one time is something he will never take for granted.